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November 1, 2005
Whereas most web sites cater for both end users and people within the industry, (HostBizTools) has a very clear industry driven focus. Launched earlier this year, the site represents a major online resource for everyone involved in web hosting - whether you are just starting out or fully established. The site provides the information and tools someone new to the industry needs to get up and running, while also offering existing businesses the input they need to be successful.

HostBizTools offers content on a range of issues of importance to hosts. The site’s focus on web hosting solutions offers details of reselling, dedicated servers, co-location and dedicated internet access, with links to the wealth of programs hosts can sign up for to kick off or diversify their business. The site’s section on hosting automation has details on the web hosting control panels and automation suites that are essential to a successful hosting operation.

The site looks at both the technical and practical issues hosts must address. Its section on billing solutions provides access to billing and client management systems, looks at the best merchant and payment gateway services, and provides input on the best approaches to epayment. HostBizTools also addresses customer services by looking at the best knowledge base, help desk and ticketing systems available and giving advice on where to outsource technical support. There is also information on
domain name
wholesalers and details of a range of web design solutions such as web templates and website builders. For those unfamiliar with the web hosting community there is detailed content on web hosting directories, hosting forums, conferences and the hosting publications that are available.

In an industry where technology is the driving factor, HostBizTools considers the software & hardware web hosts need by looking ftp and mail servers, anti-virus, software, and looking at hardware suppliers. Of course, technology is inconsequential if the business aspects of a hosting operation are not developed. HostBizTools looks at of web promotion by considering the affiliate networks and search engine marketing hosts can involve themselves in, and purely business issues such as incorporating a company in the united states and issues such as opening us bank accounts and acquiring toll free numbers.

Every step of the way, HostBizTools provides articles relevant to the different topics it covers and provides answers to frequently asked questions. The site also has a forum where issues raised on the site can be discussed by people in the know and also offers somewhere domain names and web sites can be bought.

For people in the business, HostBizTools is worth exploring. Even the most experienced web hosts will find something of value that will benefit them and their businesses.

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