Hosting Control Panel Provider cPanel Now Offers Solutions on the DigitalOcean Marketplace

March 25, 2019
Hosting Control Panel Provider cPanel Now Offers Solutions on the DigitalOcean Marketplace
Hosting control panel provider cPanel, LLC (cPanel) has announced it is now offering solutions on the ‘DigitalOcean Marketplace’. cPanel, which has headquarters in Houston, Texas, United States, was established in 1997. The company delivers “the web hosting industry’s most reliable, intuitive control panel”. Its panel allows web hosting users to easily set up new websites and enables them to control every aspect of their sites including setting up FTP accounts, email, adding SSL Certificates, and a wealth of other options. Most importantly, using cPanel allows users to automate functions like backing up data, etc. By launching in the DigitalOcean Marketplace cPanel has become “part of a brand new platform to connect developers with the applications they need”.

The DigitalOcean Marketplace is provided by web host DigitalOcean. Based in in New York, United States, the company started in 2011. It has a strong focus on virtual hosting, cloud infrastructure and virtual server services, and last year launched a ‘Kubernetes-as-a-Service’ offering. Launched this week, the DigitalOcean Marketplace targets developers and allows them to leverage “LAMP, Docker, GitLab, Jenkins, Plesk, cPanel, WordPress” and other solutions to establish preconfigured One-Click Applications in a ‘Droplet’ that can be established in in “60 seconds or less”. cPanel has provided the first partner-led offering on a platform that makes it “easier for companies like cPanel to deliver their solutions to developers on demand”.

“DigitalOcean’s highly-performant Developer Cloud, coupled with the power of cPanel & WHM’s automation will help administrators, and developers host the applications their customers want more efficiently than ever before,” explained the Vice President of Customer Experience at cPanel, Eric Ellis. “This historic partnership is also a huge step forward for the thousands of developers who work with cPanel & WHM and already use DigitalOcean. We’ve enjoyed using DigitalOcean over the years to benchmark our installers, and can’t wait for our customers to take advantage of it. DigitalOcean’s commitment to the developer community and open source software make them an excellent choice for any cPanel customer.”

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