Hosting Provider PowerVPS Adds Virtuozzo Application

July 18, 2005
July 18, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Automation and virtualization software company SWsoft today announced that hosting provider PowerVPS, has selected to add Virtuozzo for Windows to its suite of offerings.

A high performance server virtualization solution, Virtuozzo maximizes hardware, software and administrative resource utilization by creating multiple isolated VPSs on physical servers. PowerVPS currently provides Virtuozzo for Linux VPSs and plans to introduce Virtuozzo for Windows in August 2005.

“PowerVPS was created to take full advantage of the complete features and capabilities Virtuozzo offers,” said Thomas Kiblin, CEO of PowerVPS. “Our Linux solution has been immensely successful and we are excited to add a Windows VPS solution with the same command line, API and GUI that our customers are familiar with through our Linux offering.”

The introduction of Virtuozzo for Windows enables hosting service providers to offer a range of services including advanced shared, split dedicated, dynamic dedicated and split shared. Virtuozzo for Windows supports .NET, Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and IIS, and is the only VPS technology on the market offering a full spectrum of service offerings including True VPS, Advanced Shared, Split Dedicated, Dynamic Dedicated, Split Shared and Server Consolidation. For more information, visit

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