Hosting Solutions Provider GigeNET Launches Cluster Hosting Options

August 30, 2013
Hosting Solutions Provider GigeNET Launches Cluster Hosting Options
Hosting solutions provider GigeNET has launched a range of new cluster hosting options which can be managed using InterWorx’s Cluster Panel. The new options use load balancers to simultaneously share Internet traffic across a number of servers, eliminating "resource limitation" problems and providing a range of benefits that are similar to cloud hosting, particularly scalability - resources can be added and removed based of traffic spikes and troughs.

“Despite the numerous benefits of clustered hosting, many companies have steered clear of this solution due to the technical knowledge required for implementation and ongoing maintenance.” explained GigeNET’s President and CTO, Ameen Pishdadi. “GigeNET’s new packages offer all the advantages of clustered hosting without all the complexities. Each package includes GigeNET’s setup and easy administration through InterWorx’s Cluster Panel backed by support from our staff.”

GigeNET has headquarters in Arlington Heights, near Chicago, Illinois, USA and offers a range of hosting services including dedicated, cloud, hybrid, colocation and DDoS protection options. The company owns a high security datacenter which offers 17,000 square foot of space. The company also has datacenter facilities in Los Angeles and plans expansion to the United Sates' East Coast.

Cluster hosting versus the cloud - which is better? Let us know your views. Add your comments below.

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