Hosting Solutions Provider WorldStream Partners with Computer Networking Company Arista

August 28, 2019
Hosting Solutions Provider WorldStream Partners with Computer Networking Company Arista
Security-focused Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting solutions provider WorldStream has partnered with computer networking company Arista Networks (Arista). WorldStream, which has headquarters in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands, was established in 2006. The company offers a global 10Tbit/s network and has around “15,000 dedicated servers” installed in highly energy-efficient data centers provided by its sister company, Greenhouse Datacenters (also in Naaldwijk). Alongside customizable dedicated servers, WorldStream offers colocation services and Denial-of-Service (DDoS) mitigation services. Its customers include “cloud service providers (CSPs), managed service providers (MSPs), systems integrators (SIs), broadcasters, Internet service providers (ISPs), independent software vendors (ISVs), SMBs and enterprise companies”. The partnership will see the companies develop a custom-engineered elastic network on top of WorldStream’s global network backbone.

Arista, which has headquarters in Santa Clara, California, United States, was established in 2004. The award-winning company specializes in several areas including cloud computing, virtualization, and ‘Big Data’ services. It is a pioneer in delivering software-driven cloud networking solutions for data center storage and computing environments. A founding member of the 25/50GbE consortium, Arista’s platforms offer Ethernet speeds from 10 to 400 gigabits per second. Its hardware will be adopted by WorldStream’s engineering teams for a new technology platform called the ‘WorldStream Elastic Network’ (WEN) to be launched early 2020. WEN is designed to add flexibility and functionality to hybrid IT infrastructure deployments and data center resource allocation and will be built on Arista Networks’ Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN) Virtual Extensible (VXLAN) LAN technology. Once complete WEN will offer customers full control of data center, network and cybersecurity features “at the edges of the WorldStream network backbone”.

“Arista’s EVPN VXLAN technology will be a key enabling technology for allowing plug-and-play multi data center setups and twin data center concepts as well,” explained WorldStream’s Network Director Tim Vollebregt. “This will enable our clients to easily create data center presence at all facilities contained in the WorldStream network backbone, whether WorldStream’s company-owned data centers in the Netherlands are concerned or any of the other data centers worldwide where our server and network equipment reside. This will significantly reduce capital expenses for our customers when coping with ultimate redundancy requirements such as within healthcare, finance, government, and enterprise markets.”

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