HostNetway Unveals It's New Single Digit Reseller

May 23st, 2005 (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - HostNetway Internet Services announces the release of it's first reseller hosting plan to be in the single digits. HostNetway, a leader in Shared and Reseller hosting is one of few hosts to have a reseller plan at such low budget cost. "We feel that not every entry level web hosting entreprenous is able to pay the high costs starting out, which is why we came up with a plan, and executed it to be profitable for us, but at the same time, making sure it will be one of the most competitive plans in the hosting industry." says CEO, Kenneth Odem. HostNetway revealed it's new plan this past Friday, May 20th, and is already finding that this will be a popular select for it's reseller product line.

HostNetway recently announced it's release of their new competitve dedicated servers and colocation services hosted on Peer 1, and with plans already set to be acheived for this year, the company will only produce and dedicated more competitve products in services to the hosting market.

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