Hostway Expands Storage With EtherDrive Storage Blades

February 7, 2005
February 05, 2005 - (Press Release) - Global Web hosting leader Hostway provides online presence management to over 300,000 customers. Hostway's services are designed to meet the needs of customers large and small, from individuals to corporate giants. Services include domain name registration, email Web hosting, Web site hosting, ecommerce Web hosting, dedicated servers and collocation. Hostway supports web sites using both Linux and Windows platforms. Like many hosting companies, Hostway constantly searches for ways to lower costs, especially those pertaining to storage.

Hostway has found a low cost and highly scaleable solution for their storage expansion through the use of EtherDrive Storage Blades. Coraid's EtherDrive Storage Blades offer economically scaleable block storage that uses simple Ethernet networking. Through Ethernet connections, EtherDrive attaches additional disks to servers and prevents having to expand storage by purchasing additional costly servers.

Currently, Hostway utilizes Coraid's EtherDrive Storage Blades for their second tier--disk to disk backup to provide data protection. The simplicity of use as well as the flexibility of system configuration makes EtherDrive an ideal choice for second tier storage where disks on the server are backed-up by the disks in EtherDrive's storage blades. An exceptional benefit to EtherDrive is that it allows independent servers to share data stored in EtherDrive Storage Blades.

Coraid's EtherDrive Storage Blades provide a low cost networked storage solution using Ethernet connections between the server and a shared storage array (pool). Multiple servers can access a common disk storage system eliminating wasted captive storage. This also allows servers to be sized to meet their application load, not by how much storage capacity they can hold. With EtherDrive Storage Blades, the storage pool can be expanded easily with simple Ethernet connections. Storage array performance is limited only by the number of disks configured for RAID stripping and the speed of the Ethernet connection at the server. EtherDrive Storage Blades are Direct Network Attached (DNA) block storage. DNA provides an Ethernet interface for hard disk drives. Coraid offers an optional EtherDrive RAIDBlade/20 Controller for users that don't want to use Linux software RAID.

About Coraid

Founded in 2000, Coraid is focused on developing, manufacturing, marketing and supporting innovative solutions for networked storage. The "power of simple" makes our storage products easier and more affordable for any server application. Coraid developed the Open Standards-based ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) protocol which it has implemented into its EtherDrive storage blade products. This powerful and efficient protocol leverages the cost advantages of Ethernet to provide true networked storage. For more information please contact Coraid at 877-548-7200 and visit our web site at

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