How to Crack Google Adwords Code Explained in Blog

June 16, 2005
June 16, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Advertising on Google is extremely profitable, however, the process is so frustrating that multiple thousands of small and medium sized businesses give up, leaving tens of millions of dollars in revenue on the table.

After experiencing that frustration, marketer Steve Blom, of In Touch Media Group, of Clearwater, Florida, became a self-taught expert on the Google Adwords system and set up his own Writer's Blog that explains how to crack Google's code.

The Blog, located at, features a "30 Day Adwords Bootcamp" 3-CD video that explains how to master Google Adwords, Google's complicated advertising system.

Google Adwords is a Pay Per Click (PPC) program of advertising where ads appear on the right hand side of the Google Search page based on keywords or key phrases that a business chooses.

But choosing the most effective keywords or phrases is difficult because Google's system is much different than any other online advertising program, said Blom. However, when used correctly, the system is much cheaper and more effective than any other offering on the Internet.

"The advantage is that if you can learn how to use Google's system, you can leverage the intelligence of your staff to get highly targeted website visitors at in most cases, half the cost of any other advertising program out there," said Blom, who is one of the first 100 qualified Google Adwords professionals.

Evidence that Google is not user-friendly to advertisers is beginning to mount. A May 4, 2005 report on CNN's Money Web site indicated advertisers are finding it difficult to use Google's system ("Google: biting the hand that feeds it?"

Blom quickly learned the success of advertising on Google when he saw the first $300 he spent turn into an $8,000 profit. He and his colleague, Bob Cefail, Chairman of In Touch Media Group, then discovered that 40 percent of businesses that try to advertise on Google fail because of the complicated system. Results are very profitable for those companies that master the system, which is explained in laymen terms over 15 different segments on the 3-CD video, "30 Day Adwords Bootcamp." "If your business doesn't use Google, your competitors will," said Cefail.

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