Huge merges with Data Center

January 14, 2004
Denver, CO – January 5, 2004 – Huge Hosting, a leading Denver based web hosting company, today announced it has merged with Data393. “We first started talking about becoming a customer of Data 393’s data center,” said Alex Burney, President of Huge Hosting. “The companies were such a good fit that our discussions lead to a merger instead. Ventures Online was also considering moving its operations to Data393 and agreed to join in a 3-way combination.”

The three companies will combine support staffs and back office systems to create a stronger, more financially sound service provider. “Huge Hosting and Ventures Online bring over 10,000 customers and great momentum to our data center. Customers value our technical strengths but they also want to do business with a company that is solid financially,” said Lee Woodward, CEO of Data393.

“Data393 provides a highly reliable data center to support the web hosting business. It has excellent fiber connections from eight Tier-1 Internet Service Providers and enables our web sites to deliver content at maximum speed,” said John Burns, CEO of Ventures Online. “The merger of the three companies strengthens our position in the highly competitive web hosting business. Customers want high performance and reliable service. Huge Hosting and Ventures Online can host complex web sites with better performance more reliably from Data393’s facility.”

About Data393
Data393 is a state-of-the-art co-location facility located in the Inverness Business Park in South East Denver and built on today’s technology. The data center is staffed 24x7 to ensure physical security as well as the very best network performance for customers’ mission critical applications.

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