Hungry ISWest Acquires 6th ISP DCN Internet

March 29, 2005
March 29, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting provider and internet technology company ISWest has acquired its sixth Internet Service Provider in a deal that brought revenues above $6 million in 2004.

The November 2004 purchase of DCN Internet of Woodland Hills, California marked the latest in a series of ISWest acquisitions of competing Internet Service Providers including TSCO in Westlake Village in 1997, Channel Island Internet in Ventura in 1998, NCPlus in Ventura and InfoSpec in Thousand Oaks in 1999, and VCNet in Camarillo in 2002.

DCN launched their Internet business in 2001, building a significant customer base offering SBC, Verizon and Covad services. ISWest showed interest in DCN after talks between ISWest CEO Drew Kaplan and DCN founder Robert H. Mogadam identified potential benefits to DCN customers of ISWest's redundant ISP platform and Technical Support group.

Too often, customers suffer when small companies merge with or sell out to larger companies because personal contact is lost.

"That's not about to happen here," stressed Kaplan. "Even though ISWest has grown tremendously over the past nine years, we will continue offering the very best customer service and support in the Internet business to our existing customers and our new DCN Internet customers."

As a result of the merger, DCN Internet customers will have new benefits. For instance, during normal business hours, a live person answers the phone and personally transfers clients to the right department. Multiple backbone providers under one roof also offer diverse, redundant routing of Internet traffic for improved reliability and performance.

"The ISWest staff thrives on giving the best service possible," Kaplan said. "Customer satisfaction is guaranteed."

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