Hurricane Electric Adds Fast File Transfer Protocol for Large Files to Services Packages

January 25, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Hurricane Electric, a Technical Service Provider, announced the addition of BitTorrent to their hosting services. BitTorrent is a protocol for transferring large files that will allow server users the ability to track seed files.

Hurricane Electric is one of the first Web Hosting companies to offer BitTorrent with their hosting packages. The service, still in Beta, offers users a number of advantages when serving large files. A major advantage of using the BitTorrent protocol, as compared to HTTP, is more bandwidth efficiency when serving large files to a large number of people. The BitTorrent protocol is more bandwidth efficient than HTTP because it taps the unutilized capacity of other computers, resulting in a reduced load on your server and faster downloads. "The addition of this service will benefit our customers dramatically," said Mike Leber, Hurricane Electric president. "To put it simply, transferring large files via BitTorrent is faster, uses less bandwidth, and decreases the load on the server, resulting in lower traffic costs and better overall server performance."

BitTorrent, however, is usually not as responsive as HTTP. As a result, BitTorrent should only be considered when serving files that are 10MB or larger and the number of people downloading at the same time is more than one. Serving a file via BitTorrent speeds up the effective transfer rate by spreading the load of downloading a file.

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