to Help Katrina Victims Find Emergency Services

September 5, 2005
September 5, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - A new non-profit, non-commercial website,, has been established to connect Hurricane Katrina
survivors and service organizations with homeowners volunteering to provide free shelter.

Organized by state, the site offers a simple way for homeowners to list their available space and for individual survivors, FEMA officials, Red Cross
directors, and other care providers to access them.

"We wanted to do something to help the hundreds of thousands of families made homeless by Katrina," said Joel Lesser, CEO of site sponsor Creative NetVentures of Atlanta, Georgia. "Places like the Astrodome are not setup to house masses of men, women and children for the weeks or months it will take for them to be able to return home. Finding temporary housing for them is
imperative and this site is simply our small way of contributing to what needs to be an all-out nationwide effort.

"All of us who populate cyberspace talk about the 'internet community' so much that the phrase sometimes has very little meaning," Lesser added. "This is a chance to make that concept a reality at a time when a sense of community
- on and off the internet - is desperately needed. I urge both homeowners who want to help mitigate this disaster, survivors who may eventually gain access to a computer, and shelter directors, FEMA field workers and Red Cross officials to visit and make use of"

With over 200,000 survivors from storm-leveled areas in Louisiana and Mississippi already in neighboring states and thousands more pouring in daily, officials such as Houston Mayor Bill White indicate that the need for housing has become almost as acute as that for food.

According to Lesser,, which was created almost instantaneously via CNVI's patent pending website linking technology,
will be kept online permanently to enable "Americans to help other Americans
whenever housing help is needed in the future." is free, non-profit, contains no advertising and is powered by Creative NetVentures patent-pending application service,

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