IaaS Provider AlphaRacks Acquires Virtual Hosting Services Provider HostMyBytes

April 24, 2019
IaaS Provider AlphaRacks Acquires Virtual Hosting Services Provider HostMyBytes
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider AlphaRacks has announced its acquisition of virtual hosting services provider HostMyBytes. AlphaRacks, which is based in Thousand Oaks, California, United States, was initially established as an on-site IT consultancy firm in 2006. The company started offering hosting services in 2013 and provides “mainstream premium hosting services to both web start-ups and large enterprises”. The company offers US-based cPanel web hosting, bare-metal dedicated servers, and standardized and customized OpenVZ and KVM Virtual Private Servers (VPS) options. It also offers dedicated servers. AlphaRacks’ acquisition of HostMyBytes immediately adds 23,000 customers to its IaaS platform.

HostMyBytes has offices and facilities in Chicago and Los Angeles in the United States, Montreal, Canada, and in France. The company prides itself on “reliable and affordable web hosting backed by good customer service”. Established in 2014, it deals with customers “over the world” and offers hosting plans with free DDoS protection, shared hosting, reseller hosting, KVM VPS hosting, OpenVZ VPS hosting, reseller VPS, resource pools VPS and dedicated servers. AlphaRacks’ acquisition of the company underscores its “hypergrowth via acquisition” strategy. The addition of HostMyBytes’ 23,000 customers now gives AlphaRacks 100,000 customers globally. News of the acquisition comes on the heels of it acquiring NFPHosting and WootHosting in early 2019. Financial aspects of the deal have not been released.

“This year, as a company, we are in an ideal point which enables us to grow via client acquisition, and the HostMyBytes acquisition is a continued testament to that,” explained AlphaRacks’ Managing Director Julian Jin. “AlphaRacks continues to add functional and integrable assets to our hosting portfolio that are in hot-performing markets. Our new investment serves 23,000 new customers from over 105 different countries and will allow us to expand our global presence even further.” He added, “We express eager enjoyment and passion to welcome all HostMyBytes customers onto the AlphaRacks platform.”

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