IaaS Provider Bit Refinery Chooses FORTRUST for Data Center Services

November 26, 2014
IaaS Provider Bit Refinery Chooses FORTRUST for Data Center Services
IaaS provider Bit Refinery has chosen FORTRUST to provide it with data center services. The company, which has headquarters in Denver, Colorado, specializes in VMware and Hadoop Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) services. It caters to a broad customer base which leverages its Bit Refinery Cloud offering. FORTRUST will manage and expand Bit Refinery’s Hadoop Hosting services in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. The agreement between the two organizations sees FORTRUST provide Bit Refinery with a private cage environment at its facility in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Bit Refinery’s secure Hadoop hosting services were established in 2013 and couple “an Enterprise class VMware environment” with bare-metal servers in key data centers across the United States. The services are ideal for companies that need to analyze large amounts of data to establish “actionable insights about customers, business processes, and performance”. FORTRUST’s location was key to its selection, as were its dynamic power densities capability and “stringent security measures”.

FORTRUST provides data center services (particularly colocation services) in North America to a range of global enterprises. The company’s modular 300,000-square-foot Tier III certified FORTRUST Denver facility offers 34 megawatts capacity and is the largest in the area. FORTRUST is recognized as the only provider of hybrid colocation in Colorado and it is the only provider to gain a Management and Operations Stamp of Approval from the Uptime Institute.

“Although Hadoop’s model is built around redundancy, hosting with a company located within a secure and reliable data center is a top priority,” explained Bit Refinery’s Managing Partner, Brandon Hieb. “Our decision to expand with FORTRUST was clear because it’s well known that they are the leading data center in the Rocky Mountain region.”

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