Ian Goodfellow Leaves Cloud Giant Google to Join Apple

April 7, 2019
Ian Goodfellow Leaves Cloud Giant Google to Join Apple
Ian Goodfellow has left cloud giant Google to join Apple. According to reports he joined Cupertino, California-based Apple as Director of Machine Learning and is involved in the company’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) activity.

Mr. Goodfellow’s new role has seen him developing AI functions for Siri, Apple’s "intelligent assistant" that allows users to operate their iPhone and iPad devices using only natural speech. He has also been working on Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and (despite the fact that this part of Apple has been downsizing) been involved in activity related to Apple’s self-driving cars. He draws on his experience at Google for his new role.

Officially holding the title of ‘Research Scientist’, Mr. Goodfellow was involved in a number of areas at Google. These included Algorithms and Theory, Machine Intelligence, Machine Perception and Security, Privacy and Abuse Prevention. As he is at Apple, he was also involved in GANs at Google. Prior to taking his new role he held positions at Elon Musk’s AI research organization, OpenAI.

Mr. Goodfellow has a Ph.D. in Machine Learning which he gained from the University of Montreal and has done a considerable amount of research in areas like deep learning, generative models and machine learning security and privacy. He is known to be responsible for inventing GANs and is the lead author of the MIT Press textbook ‘Deep Learning’. He also organizes the ‘Conference on Machine Learning’.

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