ICANN-accredited Domain Registrar Namecheap Introduces .inc Domains

May 13, 2019
ICANN-accredited Domain Registrar Namecheap Introduces .inc Domains
ICANN-accredited domain registrar Namecheap, Inc. (Namecheap) has introduced ‘.inc’ domain registration to its suite of services. Phoenix, Arizona-based Namecheap is a domain name specialist with over 10 million domains under management. Established in 2001, the company is an Adobe-partner and “among the top domain registrar and web hosting providers in the world”. Namecheap also provides related services like ‘EasyWP’ - a managed WordPress hosting offering - and SSL certificates.

The new ‘.inc’ top-level domain (TLD) targets businesses in the United States and across the world. ‘.inc’ is short for ‘incorporated’ and the suffix is a quick and clear indication of a company’s‘ incorporated status. There are literally millions of incorporated companies globally that might be interested in a domain with such a suffix.

Using a Namecheap ‘.inc’ domain will give users access to a range of free services including a number of ‘business tools’. “The ‘.inc’ abbreviation is a clear sign of responsibility and trust for corporations and businesses,” explained the company on their website. “The .inc domain is sure to spark fierce competition across many highly competitive industries and marketplaces”.

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