IceWEB Acquires PatriotNet and 300 Web Hosting Customers

March 16, 2006
March 16, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – IceWEB, Inc. ( has announced that it has acquired PatriotNet, a move that adds 3,500 email and 300 web hosting customers to its books and brings in $100,000 in recurring revenue per month. The company’s purchase significantly enhances its portfolio, enabling it to offer “end-to-end” solutions for small business.

"PatriotNet puts IceMAIL and IceVISTA on the fast track by expanding our hosted customer base in the web portal and hosted email space. PatriotNet is a natural progression for IceWEB. It gives our sales and marketing team the ability to offer everything from Internet connectivity to wireless email from a single source at one low price. The IceWEB vision has been to create a smart enterprise suite that allows small businesses to emulate large IT infrastructure at an extremely affordable price through an interactive commerce driven website. The key now is simple; getting the word out to small businesses that they can afford high speed networking, hosted Microsoft Exchange, wireless email and interactive portal websites for one low monthly price, from one reliable source, IceWEB," said IceWEB’s President Mr. G. Anthony Munno.

Discussing the purchase, PatriotNet’s CEO suggested, "We're excited to become part of IceWEB. We will be able to offer the cutting-edge hosted applications our customer base appreciates and has come to expect. Transitioning our customers to IceMAIL and IceVISTA is easy and will provide PatriotNet's customers the benefit of enhanced technologies small business needs to be mobile and competitive."

Established in 2000, ICEWEB is based in Herndon, Virginia, USA. The company’s purchase of PatriotNet is part of an ongoing policy of finding “best practice web software service companies for acquisition.” The company’s stated aim is to reach 100,000 subscribers in two years.

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