iHost Networks Announces Reseller and Affiliate Program Targeting Web Hosting Resellers

July 21, 2007
July 21, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web applications provider iHost Networks (http://www.ihostnetworks.com/) has launched a reseller and affiliate program targeting web hosting resellers, it was announced recently. The company’s “Builder Program” works for all levels of affiliate or reseller activity. Host’s will receive discounts of up to 50% and be able to resell services to customers and handle their own billing.

Web hosts that sign up for the program receive a free e-store offering a shopping cart / ecommerce solution compatible with all leading browsers, including Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) and Firefox. The program offers users an intuitive interface that provides a dashboard displaying a summary of current account activity that can be customized by users. Web hosts involved in the program are given ad banners, informational flyers, sample business proposals, demos, Google AdWords Credits, Yahoo! Search Marketing Ad Credits and guides on where to find customers and tips on how to sell additional services.

"Our new Builder program is designed to work for all levels of affiliate or reseller activity,” explained iHost Networks’ President, Mr. John Norton. “Whether it's someone who wants to setup a site or two for local non-profits, or a web design firm with thousands of accounts, we can support them."

iHost Networks, Inc.’s on-demand web applications for small businesses use a robust software platform based on Microsoft's .NET technology. The company’s customers have access to the Builder Program on all the iHost Networks brands including http://www.ieasysite.com, http://www.iHostStudio.com, http://www.iHostVM.com, http://www.swiftsite.com, http://www.pagedepot.com, http://www.ihostsites.net, http://www.ihoststores.com and http://www.ihostnamo.com.

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