IIJ Increases Overseas Server Access Speed by 15 Times

April 7, 2005
April 7, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting providers interested in international ecommerce will be interested to know that Internet Initiative Japan Inc., one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced that IIJ will provide IIJ NetLightning, the Web access application acceleration service, to the Toyota Motor Corporation.

IIJ NetLightning provides sub-second access from overseas to Software Configuration Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and other Web applications through U.S.-based Netli Inc's Applications Delivery Network. Even when accessing servers in Japan from overseas, the service provides response times that are comparable to local access, with no long-distance network delays.

In March of 2004, Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. launched the e-TOYOTACLUB Web site. They decided to use IIJ's NetLightning Service to improve the network response time between Web servers located in Japan and clients in Thailand. By applying IIJ NetLightning to these Web servers, access speeds from Thailand have been as much as 15 times faster.

IIJ will continue to expand its knowledge base of operations technology and network use to provide applications such as NetLightning and other optimized solutions to companies that are expanding internationally.

IIJ NetLightning Features

1. Sub-second Web access for global end-users with no data center build out

When end-users access Japanese-based servers from overseas, network delays due to distance are unavoidable, and it can often take 10 seconds or more to display a webpage. IIJ NetLightning greatly accelerates this access time and eradicates the problem of slow access.

2. Compatibility with dynamic Web applications

To provide a responsive connection between client and server, the Applications Delivery Network is compatible with dynamic Web applications that defeat traditional caching services.

3. Big cost reductions

These features make globally distributed data centers unnecessary and greatly reduce the cost of operation and maintenance. No changes are required to applications, servers, or clients, and IIJ NetLightning can be up and running in hours, regardless of end-user location.

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