IIJ Switches to Nominum Foundation Caching Name Server

February 22, 2005
February 21, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Nominum announced today that Internet Initiative Japan Inc. has selected the Nominum Foundation(TM) Caching Name Server to replace its Open Source BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) servers because of marked improvements in performance, security and scalability.

IIJ has one of the largest Internet backbone networks in Japan. Its broadband services deployment continues to grow rapidly, which the company attributes to new major contracts for multi-site connectivity solutions. Coupled with its growth and increased customer demand for high bandwidth services, IIJ has seen the number of DNS queries its servers receive double in a year.

"We ran a battery of tests and benchmarks and came to the conclusion that Nominum's Caching Name Servers are far superior to the predominant open source BIND servers," said Mr. Koji Yamamoto, Manager of System Engineering and Operations at IIJ. "IIJ is experiencing growth in network traffic and customers who demand high bandwidth and stability. So it is important to us that we continue to offer our customers the fastest, most reliable and robust services. The Nominum Caching Name Servers help us fulfill that mission."

Nominum provided the solution through its Master Distributor in Japan, Sumisho Electronics Company (SSE). "With its increased protection against denial of service attacks and high performance, the Nominum Caching Name Server was the ideal solution for IIJ," said Mr. Daisuki Mikogami, General Manager of SSE. "Nominum can handle all of IIJ's network traffic today while providing the scalability needed for tomorrow."

The Nominum Foundation Caching Name Server is a dedicated-to-caching domain name server and Internet performance accelerator. It delivers unmatched throughput, clocked at over 60,000 name resolutions per second on commodity hardware, and it also improves latency through the use of advanced adaptive algorithms. Nominum Foundation Caching Name Server also provides an extra layer of security for Internet users by supporting the DNSSEC protocol, which ensures the authenticity of DNS communications.

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