InfoSpace Re-designs Search Comparison Tool

March 11, 2006
March 11, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – InfoSpace has announced that it has re-designed (, its search comparison tool which can be added to web sites and blogs. WebFetch compares search engine results from Ask, Google, MSN and Yahoo! allowing it to bring relevant results to users. The new version of offers a number of MSN additions.

Dominic Trigg, Vice President at InfoSpace Search & Directory explained, “Only 1.1 percent of search results from the top four search engines (Ask, Google, MSN and Yahoo!) are the same. The Search Comparison Tool shows what the different results are across these search engines and clearly explains their outcomes from searches. As a result of this, the tool demonstrates that business and consumer users can get more top results in one place using the metasearch engine.” now offers a Flash demonstration and the system allows users to make real-time searches that display results returned by each search engine. “The Search Comparison Tool exemplifies how InfoSpace private labelled search can be used to increase loyalty and revenue across a business’ web sites by bringing more relevant results to their user-base from the top engines with just one click,” added Mr Trigg.

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