Infrastructure and Cloud Management Company Egenera Releases PAN Cloud Director 2.0

June 26, 2013
Infrastructure and Cloud Management Company Egenera Releases PAN Cloud Director 2.0
Infrastructure and cloud management company Egenera has released PAN Cloud Director 2.0, the latest version of its cloud management software and a key component of the Egenera Cloud Suite. The solution features Amazon Web Services (AWS) integration. The inclusion of AWS to the PAN Cloud Director service catalog and portal enables users to build IT solutions that include both physical and virtualized servers and ‘span public and private clouds’.

Egenera users can design, build and manage hybrid cloud environments using a single interface, and AWS integration further simplifies cloud management. With many companies favouring hybrid cloud options, cloud providers must be flexible enough to allocate the appropriate resources to each workload based on cost, security, performance, and issues like availability. To offer users optimum flexibility, Egenera intends to make additional public clouds accessible through PAN Cloud Director.

PAN Cloud Director offers an easy-to-use interface that allows users a drag and drop approach to building solutions. PAN Cloud Director 2.0 supports IBM, HP and Fujitsu servers, and all major hypervisor products such as VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and KVM, and also enables users to include EC2 resources in their service offerings.

“The cloud is rapidly becoming defined by its ecosystem,” explained Egenera’s Vice President of Product Management, Dan Busby. “With so much innovation happening in the Amazon ecosystem and with customers demanding truly hybrid cloud management solutions, the decision to integrate with EC2 was an easy one. Making it simple for organizations to use both private and public cloud resources and to easily manage their hybrid clouds helps to further position Egenera strategically with cloud buyers from the managed services and corporate markets.”

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