Intechra Offers Web Hosts Computer Disposal, Resale, and Refurbishment Services

June 24, 2005
June 24, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - With Moore’s Law powering processors to new heights, or rather shrinking them to new ever more miniscule sizes, computers are being outdated at an inversely proportional speed. For a web host that has been around for awhile, their storage closets are often full to bursting with outdated dinosaurs that can’t even load a Microsoft OS which were once the most powerful cutting-edge servers of their day. Web hosts who are looking to get rid of, resell, or refurbish their old machines will be interested in Intechra, a company that provides just such services including certified data destruction, and their partnership with Ingram Micro.

Intechra, an asset recovery firm, today announced that it has teamed up with Ingram Micro, the world’s largest technology distributor, to offer value-added resellers in the United States a full spectrum of asset recovery services. These services include:
• Refurbishment of remarketable electronic assets
• Remarketing of electronic assets, including investment recovery for the original owners
• Certified data destruction, including indemnification
• Recycling for End-of-Life electronic equipment, including environmental liability indemnification.
• Complete end-to-end logistics services

“Intechra enables Ingram Micro’s customers to extend end-user relationships by providing several very valuable services around the disposal of old equipment,” said Justin Crotty, vice president, channel marketing, Ingram Micro North America. “VARs can engage their customers in refresh discussions with a host of valuable asset-disposition services to eliminate the traditional hassles of pulling out older infrastructure and certifying data destruction. Additionally, the older equipment that is being refreshed may have some residual market value that the VAR can apply toward the purchase of new equipment through Ingram Micro. This better arms VARs to propose new technologies and solutions, offer full removal and disposal capabilities, and deliver advantageous financial benefits to their customers."

As laws tighten that govern the protection of customer data and the end-of-life disposal of electronics, technology users are beginning to realize that, in addition to a technology refresh strategy, they must also have an asset disposition strategy. This agreement between Intechra and Ingram Micro helps solution providers seamlessly fill that need for their customers.

Ingram Micro and Intechra will offer the asset recovery and disposition service through Ingram Micro’s new Ingram Micro Outlet Program at

Intechra has 18 years of experience in asset disposition and takes complete responsibility for every aspect of the asset recovery process. The company strives to provide services that are transparent to the end user.

“As we continue to expand our domestic and global customer base and service footprint,” said Kevin Dooley, senior vice president of business development at Intechra, “we are excited to partner with a company like Ingram Micro that has the vision to prepare for a future where value recovery and electronic data and environmental protection will become integral pieces of the cradle-to-grave value chain for their customers.”

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