Intel's Gordon Moore Seeks Original Print of Moore's Law

April 14, 2005
April 14, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - In a bit of web hosting techno-trivia news, Intel founder Gordon Moore of Moore's Law, his forecast made 40 years ago that computer chip performance would double every two years, has posted a reward on eBay of $10,000 for an original copy (mint) of the April 19, 1965 issue of Electronics magazine where he first gave his prediction.

Moore and Intel have only photocopies of the article and would like to acquire an original of the magazine.

"We're kind of hopeful that it will start a bit of a scavenger hunt for the engineering community of Silicon Valley, and hopefully somebody has it tucked away in a box in the corner of their garage," High said. "We think it's an important piece of history, and we'd love to have an original copy."

Moore's Law says that the number of components on a silicon chip will double every 2 years or rise at an exponential rate. His amazing prediction has held true from 1965 and is still true.

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