Intellihosting Web Services Unveils Super Platinum Package

Houston - The battle for space on the world wide web has just gotten tougher.

Intellihosting Web Services recently announced its newest "cheap webhosting" incarnation, the Super Platinum Package, and high-bandwidth hosting has plummeted in price. "The 10 GB limit is the highest we've had yet" said Patrick Gunnels, company president. "We wanted to give the bigger hosting companies a run for their money, and I think we're doing it. Just a few months ago it was unheard of for a provider to offer this kind of data transfer and storage for under $100 a month, much less our price of $38.99." Analysts predict that Intellihosting's package will introduce a serious battle for high-bandwidth customers. "That's what we're going for," Gunnels chuckled. "when I see the exorbitant prices larger companies are charging for inferior features, I cringe. Maybe this will send a message to a few of those fatcats that we've come to play." When asked, Gunnels confirmed that Intellihosting's 500 MB, 5 GB plan, at $19.99 a month, was still available.

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