International Consultancy Columbus to Acquire Managed Cloud Company SYSTEMHOSTING

February 4, 2016
International Consultancy Columbus to Acquire Managed Cloud Company SYSTEMHOSTING
International consultancy Columbus A/S (Columbus) has agreed to acquire managed cloud company SYSTEMHOSTING. Columbus, which has headquarters Ballerup, Denmark, specializes in catering to the retail, food and manufacturing industries with ERP and CRM solutions. With a global presence and a substantial network of partners, Columbus caters to around 6,000 business customers with products and services that include software development that leverages “Microsoft’s proven Business Solutions”. The company’s acquisition of SYSTEMHOSTING strengthens its position in the cloud solutions market. The cost of the deal was not disclosed, but it was financed independently.

SYSTEMHOSTING, which was established in 2001, has headquarters in Herlev, Denmark. The company also offers consulting services, but also offers managed cloud, hosting and ERP services. With 300 customers, it employs 29 employees and earned DKK 3.6 million ($5.38 million) in the last fiscal year. SYSTEMHOSTING will maintain operations as a separate entity.

”SYSTEMHOSTING offers a range of strong cloud solutions, which in combination with Columbus’ solutions and industry knowledge means that we can be an even stronger partner for customers in the digital transformation of their business,” explained Columbus’ CEO and President Thomas Honoré.

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