Internet Applications and Data Hosting Infrastructures Enabler Holo Acquires Hylo Software

December 28, 2019
Internet Applications and Data Hosting Infrastructures Enabler Holo Acquires Hylo Software
Internet applications and data hosting infrastructures enabler Holo has acquired Hylo’s community and collaboration software. Holo, which has headquarters on the island of Gibraltar in the Mediterranean, was established in 2017. The company specializes in providing a distributed hosting ecosystem and cloud hosting. It also offers crypto, peer-to-peer, and DHT services. Built on Holochain, Holo‘s services offer a “world beyond the bottlenecks of Blockchain”. The company's “energy-efficient hosting” enables individuals to compete in the cloud hosting industry using “simple consumer-grade devices”. Financial details of Holo’s acquisition of Hylo have yet to be released.

Established in 2012, Hylo offers a web and mobile app platform that “combines group management, messaging and collaboration”. The solution caters to groups of all sizes that need constant contact with individual group members. It allows users to “organize conversations, share files, and collaborate using easy-to-search topics”. After the acquisition, Holo will release the platform code as an open-source solution that can be used by Holochain app developers.

“Hylo has many features we are thrilled to take advantage of that will benefit Holo and our global community equally,” explained a company press release. “Hylo’s user interface design (UI) will serve as the basis for a Holo UI design-language, ensuring we have a beautiful, ready to use framework for creating the front-ends of our core apps. Encouraging collaboration between communities is a key part of our organizational DNA and we’ve also acquired Hylo to extend that intention throughout the Holo and Holochain ecosystems”.

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