Investment Management Company Cloud Equity Group Acquires Xen VPS Hosting Provider Virpus

September 14, 2015
Investment Management Company Cloud Equity Group Acquires Xen VPS Hosting Provider Virpus
Investment management company Cloud Equity Group has acquired Xen VPS hosting provider Virpus. The company, which is based on Wall Street, is a “private equity and mezzanine debt firm strategically positioned to capitalize on the consolidating industries of web hosting and cloud-based infrastructure”. It specializes in buying web and cloud hosting providers that are already established in the market. Cloud Equity Group’s acquisition of Virpus underscores the provider’s leading market position.

Virpus, which has headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA, was established in 2006. The company specializes in Xen VPS hosting and bills itself as “one of America’s largest budget-friendly Xen VPS hosting providers”. Virpus’ services leverage Pure SSD and SSD-Cache and it has facilities in US cities of Seattle, Los Angeles, and Kansas City. Cloud Equity Group intends to leverage its partnerships to increase Virpus’ footprint both within the United States and abroad.

“The team at Virpus has done an exceptional job building an industry-leading, budget-friendly, virtual private server provider with top-of-the-line infrastructure,” explained Cloud Equity Group’s Managing Partner, Kevin Wilson. “They’ve successfully differentiated themselves in an industry full of mediocrity and are well positioned for future expansion” “The management team at Wow Technologies—the former parent company of Virpus—has been crucial to the growth and overall development of the company’s robust infrastructure, as well as its strategic positioning within the industry. We look forward to working with them as we continue to grow and expand the Virpus brand.”

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