IoT Identity and Security Solutions Provider GlobalSign Joins Key Industry Standards Body and Partner Program

April 16, 2018
IoT Identity and Security Solutions Provider GlobalSign Joins Key Industry Standards Body and Partner Program
IoT identity and security solutions provider GlobalSign has joined a key industry standards body and partner program. GlobalSign, which has global head offices in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States, was established in 1996. The company, a global Certificate Authority (CA), is a key provider of “trusted identity and security solutions” that allow businesses and organizations to communicate securely, verify digital identities and automate authentication and encryption procedures. With a presence in North and South America, Europe and Asia, its solutions “support the billions of services, devices, people and things” that make up the Internet of Things (IoT). GlobalSign has joined the Cloud Signature Consortium and the Adobe Cloud Signature Partner Program.

The Cloud Signature Consortium’s mission is to build standards for cloud signatures and for mobile and web open digital signatures. Established in 2016 by Adobe, it represents an “international group of leading industry and academic experts” brought together to establish procures that will allow “anyone to digitally sign documents from anywhere”. The organization’s efforts are a boon to businesses and organizations that must comply with demanding electronic signature regulations like eIDAS. GlobalSign will work with Adobe to contribute to the new ‘Open Standard for Cloud-based Digital Signatures and Create Trusted Digital Signatures’.

The Adobe Cloud Signature Partner Program works in collaboration with the Cloud Signature Consortium. GlobalSign's cloud-based Digital Signing Service is now integrated with Adobe Sign making the company the first Certificate Authority to join both programs.

"GlobalSign is extremely pleased to join the Cloud Signature Consortium, as well as Adobe's Cloud Signature Partner Program," explained GlobalSign’s Product Manager, Digital Signing Service, Nadim Farah. “We believe that our partnership with Adobe will enhance our customers' experiences. The services offered by our other Cloud Signature Consortium partners will enable us to bring our trust services to a wider market, as well as contribute to future iterations of the Consortium's activities and standards."

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