IPsmarx Technology and Colocation America Partner to Offer Calling Card

February 26, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – IPsmarx Technology Inc., a leading provider of calling card and PIN less billing solutions, today announces their new Calling Card Business Start up Package with Colocation America, allowing calling card start ups to take advantage of lower initial investment and operating costs, while decreasing their set up time.

IPsmarx Technology’s SIP Based Calling Card Platform allows calling card operators to offer feature-rich calling card and PIN less dialing services without the use of a gateway. IPsmarx clients serve both residential and business markets worldwide, offering VoIP and calling card services, backed by IPsmarx Technology solutions.
Colocation America is an Internet Infrastructure company with multiple data center facilities in California and New York. As a specialist in providing Internet solutions, we have developed a flexible platform to choose the level of infrastructure management needed for any size business.

With an approach focused on helping build business IT infrastructure, we allow our customers the ability to address their corporate priorities. Colocation America helps to ensure technology is a business tool for your company- not a liability. “By partnering with Colocation America, our clients now experience a smooth transition in to the
calling card market,” says IPsmarx Account Manager, Carrie Fedders, “We provide a calling card solution with integrated billing, installation, training, and technical support, while Colocation America offers a hosted server with bandwidth that meets our specifications at a fantastic price.”

With offices in New York, NY, Reston, VA, and Toronto, Canada, IPsmarx Technology has been providing feature rich VoIP solutions since 2001. Their Class 5 Soft switch with integrated billing and calling card platform with ANI recognition have earned them worldwide acclaim, with clients in over 62 countries.

The primary Datacenter located on the world famous "One Wilshire" building in Los Angeles (West Coast Hub) and 60 Hudson (East Coast Hub) in New York allows for maximum scalability as major fiber carriers run directly allowing us to easily connect to virtually any backbone provider and scale our internet connectivity to meet client’s needs. Additionally our Network is directly connected via Fiber Optic lines to the meet-me-room of the "One Wilshire" building allowing direct access to over 240 bandwidth providers in the world.

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