Irish Arcade Operator Enters Online Gaming

September 16, 2005
Irish gaming machine manufacturer and arcade operator AVA Leisure is entering the UK online gaming arena with the introduction of Powered by the Excapsa Poker Network (known for and, is a logical expansion of AVA Leisure’s mainstream activity. “The appeal of quality, online poker is growing rapidly. It is now an interactive sport that spans the globe and brings together enthusiasts from all walks of life.” said Sherril McCahon,’s Marketing Director. “Celebrity poker fans include pop legend Robbie Williams, comic Johnny Vegas, film director Guy Ritchie, and big Hollywood names, such as Matt Damon and Ben Affleck who recently won $356,400 at a poker tournament.” Online gambling in the UK continues to grow at a staggering rate, with 3.2 million people visiting a gambling site in February 2005 and a 45 per cent audience increase compared to the same time last year. AVA Leisure also launched a new online bingo venture called in July of 2005.

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