IronPort Receives Rave Reviews for Its Email Security Software

March 18, 2005
March 18, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Email security firm, IronPort, today announced that the IronPort C-Series email security appliances have received excellent product reviews from InfoWorld, Information Security Magazine, PC Pro and Windows IT. These accolades highlight IronPort's position and momentum in the marketplace.

The IronPort C60(TM) received "recommended" status as the featured product in this month's edition of PC Pro Magazine. Reviewer Dave Mitchell describes the IronPort appliance as a powerful messaging security appliance with an impressive arsenal of anti-spam and anti-virus weapons at its deposal. Mitchell writes: "It's fair to say that the IronPort C60 offers some of the best defenses we've seen. Price wise, the product is in the same ballpark as CipherTrust's IronMail, but the IronPort C60 is more sophisticated, offers a better hardware platform, is easier to install and has a more firepower."

"IronPort packs effective anti-spam, anti-virus, and more into an easy-to-manage 2U appliance," says Logan Harbaugh of InfoWorld, in the recently released product review of the IronPort C60 email security appliance.

The InfoWorld product review is a comprehensive look at the superb performance of the IronPort C60. The review highlights the impressive performance of the IronPort appliance with metrics such as 10,000 simultaneous connections and 500,000 messages per hour as well as support for multiple domains and centralized management of multiple appliances. Reviewer Logan Harbaugh reports that the IronPort C60's anti-spam capabilities fared extremely well, howing "fantastic performance" with regards to false positives. In the test, IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters proved "very effective" in detecting infected messages. The review points out the usefulness of the IronPort C60's reporting tools, which make it very easy to monitor traffic and collect detailed statistics on incoming email. Bottom line: Excellent.

"IronPort built the C-Series email security appliance to be robust, innovative and easy to install. Having third party validation is a true testament to our product," said Tom Gillis, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for IronPort. "We are honored and proud to be seen as the industry leader."

The Information Security Magazine product review highlighted IronPort's core differentiators, which give the email security appliance an edge among anti-spam products. Ryan Guzal, product reviewer for the publication stated that IronPort's proprietary Reputation Filters(TM) make the product unique, with zero false positives. Its innovative Virus Outbreak Filters, which scan incoming email for patterns that could be a sign of an outbreak, are yet another piece of innovative technology that sets IronPort apart.

Additionally, the review drew attention to IronPort's AsyncOS(TM) platform, which effortlessly supports more than 10,000 simultaneous connections. The review also highlighted the ease of installation, simple and powerful administration and thorough reporting.

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