IRUN in UK Expansion

September 15, 2005
Toronto-based private label website builder IRUN is building on the success of its North American and Canadian activity to launch a UK operation. IRUN Solutions Ltd. will set up base in Oxford from where it will offer the company’s web-based solutions countrywide. IRUN’s solutions include website development and management tools with a range of features including e-commerce incorporating payment through PayPal, shipping and payment calculators, integrated webmail, multiple email accounts, a free domain name, e-newsletters, interactive visitor polls, traffic reports and a customer relationship management solution. IRUN will maintain its successful model of making products available to end-users through resellers such as web development and marketing companies who directly service SME’s, Internet Service Providers and via affiliates. Steve Darnell, Managing Director of IRUN Solutions Ltd commented, “There are literally thousands of companies up and down the country (the UK) crying out for a quality, professional, cost-effective web solution. IRUN’s technology makes it easy to develop superior quality websites at a fraction of the typical cost and time. We’re targeting a variety of website distribution channels to provide the service to end users who want a comprehensive, user friendly package at a very reasonable price.”

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