ISPCON Fall 2005

September 18, 2005
September 16, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - ISPCON Fall 2005 takes place October 18-20, 2005 at Santa Clara Convention Center. The theme of the event will be the "New Era of Competition" ISPCON’s organizer 'The Golden Group' (Covad Communications, GoDaddy, Peer 1 Networks, EV1Servers and I$P Hosting Report) announced September 15, 2005. The organizers also announced keynote topics and speakers for the event. Amongst other speakers, Tuesday, October 18, 2005 will see Charles E. Hoffman, President and CEO of Covad Communications Group discussing Covad's recent moves in VoIP and wireless. Wednesday, October 19 will see a hosting panel discussing "Hosting 2.0: Building the Uber-Host.” Conference sessions will also include business issues such as "The Top 10 Managed/Value-added Services of Today and Tomorrow" and "Municipal Networks and You: Embracing the Reality". The conference will also look at emerging opportunities in sessions that include "Rebirth of the ASP: Profiting from SaaS and Managed Services" and "Hosting Reliable and Profitable MS Exchange Services".

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