Israeli Data Center Company Global Data Center Increasing Facility Capacity

January 23, 2018
Israeli Data Center Company Global Data Center Increasing Facility Capacity
Israeli data center company Global Data Center is increasing the capacity of its facility in Herzliya, Israel. Global Data Center was established by founder Moshe Lasman - the former head of the Outsourcing Department at IBM Israel and head of Global Services at HP Israel. Its data center services in Herzliya cater to “public and private companies” that operate in Israel, including companies in the insurance, financial, and technology industries. The center will double in size from 2,250 square meters to 4,500 square meters.

Global Data Center’s move represents an investment of “tens of millions of Shekels” and completion is expected by June 2018. The tier-3 site is underground and offers a range of services, including cloud computing services, hosting services, business continuity and disaster recovery, and on-site and remote back-up. Built in compliance with the “latest global standards”, the expansion will also conform to the current standards and levels of service of the facility's original area.

"The current data center has almost used up its potential space," explained Mr. Lasman. "The rapid growth rate of information has created a need for physical spaces in Israel to host IT infrastructures for companies with a critical mass of data. Some of these companies have already reserved space in the new part of the facility, which will open in a few months." He added, "IT managers prefer to rent an external site and benefit from scalability, improved cash flow by converting a capital expense into an operating expense, and high data accessibility, together with physical and digital security, energy savings, comprehensive business disaster recovery and other advantages. These benefits accelerate the demand for data centers over the globe in general and the demand for our facility in particular."

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