IT and Internet Solutions Provider Spiderhost Brings “Hurricane Insurance” Site Online

August 21, 2008
August 21, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – IT and Internet solutions provider Spiderhost ( brought its “hurricane insurance” site online recently in preparation “for the heart of hurricane season”. The company now has data centers in Orlando and Atlanta, each of which acts as a “backup” to the other.

“You never can tell what Mother Nature’s going to bring you, not to mention other natural occurrences like wild fires and earthquakes,” explained Spiderhost’s Senior Network Administrator, Mr. Erik Rodriquez. “So we set up our Atlanta center to be a mirror of our Orlando center. That way people are covered in the 99.9% of potential situations.”

Spiderhost suggests that this is “the first of many upgrades” it is making to “ensure customers have the security they need”. The Atlanta center is the first of six centers around the U.S. that the company plans to operate as a “national network of redundant servers” by August 2009.

“We’re building a network of servers throughout the country to act as backups for each other, ensuring 100% uptime for anyone, anywhere,” added Mr. Rodriquez. “We will sync data and send backups to different sites so there’s virtually no way data can be lost.”

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