IT, Networking, and Cybersecurity Solutions Leader Cisco to Acquire Singularity Networks

February 3, 2019
IT, Networking, and Cybersecurity Solutions Leader Cisco to Acquire Singularity Networks
IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions leader Cisco has announced plans to acquire Singularity Networks - a real-time visibility and analytics provider. NASDAQ-listed Cisco has headquarters in San Jose, California, United States. The company “enables people to make powerful connections” by providing the hardware, software, and service solutions “that make networks possible”. Its broad range of products and services are sold directly and through a network of channel partners. To name a few they include cloud, collaboration, and data center options alongside Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), streaming analytics, anomaly detection, and compliance offerings. Financial aspects of Cisco’s acquisition of Singularity Networks have yet to be released.

Singularity Networks, which has headquarters in Englewood, Colorado, United States, offers solutions that enable service providers, web companies and enterprises to “quickly identify breaches in IT security”. Singularity Networks works alongside existing infrastructure and provides a “unified view of all activity inside their network” and network response policies. This enables companies to reduce exposure to risk and establish safer systems. Cisco’s acquisition should be completed in the third quarter of its 2019 fiscal year.

“Service Providers today are challenged to meet intense demands for always-on connectivity powered by reliable, high-speed bandwidth,” explained VP of Corporate Development and Cisco Investments, Rob Salvagno on the company’s website. “They need a holistic view of network performance to anticipate and proactively manage their traffic patterns. “With network automation software and innovative data collection techniques, we are helping our service provider customers transform how they operate their infrastructure.”

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