Italy’s first high end VPS incorporates SWsoft Solution

September 14, 2005
September 14 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - saw the announcement of NGI Spa’s selection of SWsoft’s Virtuozzo server automation and virtualization software to launch VIRTUO, Italy’s first high end Virtual Private Server (VPS). “Virtuozzo and Plesk are excellent solutions for our virtual service business,” said Luca Spada, NGI CEO. “SWsoft has done a terrific job at developing a solution that is instantly recognizable by our customers and provides the most stable, reliable and secure solution available.” In a statement Kurt Daniel, Director of Marketing, SWsoft suggested. “We are pleased that NGI has selected Virtuozzo and Plesk to grow their business. We have gone to great lengths to make Virtuozzo the most viable and cost effective solution for hosting service providers that provides the type of innovation and stability our customer demand.” NGI’s use of powerful, high quality IBM servers will ensure end users do not experience downtime and VIRTUO performance is as high as or higher than other servers available to the market.

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