iTeam Announces Tech Strategy Seminar for Small Businesses

February 10, 2005
February 9, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – iTeam, Inc. announced a series of breakfasts, demonstrations and workshops taking place in Boston. The company offers technology consulting services for small businesses. The seminar will include technology growth strategies, product sales and hands-on services solutions for small business. iTeam is aiming to be a ‘one-stop’ solution for technology advice on business needs, product ordering and scheduling of in-office technology help services.

"As an entrepreneur and former small business owner I know all the roles one needs to play and all the technology decisions one is forced to make -- sometimes without the luxury of time and tech perspective," said Bill Kazman, iTeam CEO. "How wonderful it would have been if I'd had a trusted technology advisor helping me with these crucial business decisions. How big a hard drive will I need? Should I buy anti-spam software? How can I keep my network safe? Who can I call to make sure I'm putting my network together right? iTeam can solve these issues and many more for the small business owner. Our state-of-the-art Internet technology makes it possible to seamlessly integrate client information, a wide range of solution choices for any tech need and on-site services for repair, assembly and analysis. We enable the small business owner to focus on their customers and business growth, while we focus on the technology to get them there."

iTeam works by learning about a client and then identifying strategies and solutions for them. When the client needs to make a technology decision, iTeam's integrated database collects all of the client's important business information for the Technology Advisor and, together, they conduct a collaborative review of solution recommendations via the Internet. Once a solution is selected, the Technology Advisor orders the equipment/software and schedules an appointment for a live service installation at the client's place of business.

iTeam's main goal is to meet the needs of its clients quickly and effectively offering them the assurance that they are getting a leading edge, mainstream solution at a value price.

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