Jayscott Online reduces Web Hosting prices, increases service

May 22, 1999
05/22/1999: Jayscott Online, a provider of web site design and hosting
services, today announced price reductions of up to 25% on its entire
array of Web Hosting services. In addition, storage quotas for these
services were dramatically increased. These changes in service are
effective immediately, and retroactive for all current clients.

"Jayscott Online is committed to providing high levels of service and
affordability," said Jason Anderson, Manager at Jayscott Online. "With
the price reductions announced today and the increased levels of
storage capacity for our clients, we are confident that Jayscott's
services are more competitive than ever."

Jayscott's web hosting programs include everything needed for
establishing a commercial web presence. Features include Microsoft
FrontPage® support, Active Server Pages, ActiveX server controls, Perl
and cgi support, and many other Internet technologies. Further details
are available from Jayscott Online's web site (www.jayscott.com).


Jayscott Online provides web hosting and design services to businesses
of any size, from entrepreneurial to corporate webfronts. For more
information about Jayscott Online or any of its products and services,
please contact the company at:

Jayscott Online
Attn: Public Relations
412 Mcdonnel Road
Alameda, CA 94502

Email: info@jayscott.com

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