Jim Collins Appointed CEO of Web Hosting Provider Affinity Internet

December 29, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Affinity Internet (http://www. www.affinity.com) has appointed president Mr Jim Collins to the position of CEO. Mr Collins has worked with Affinity in a variety of executive positions for over five years during which time the company has moved from a simple web hosting provider to a ‘full-service web based services firm’ aimed at helping businesses establish and maximize their online presence.

''In modern business, the traditional definition of web based services has evolved to encompass search engine optimization, ecommerce and online advertising technologies. Affinity Internet has been a driving force in this transition, adjusting its business model and offering a complete suite of web based service products for small to medium-sized businesses. Jim Collins has been the visionary leading the charge,'' suggested Sanjeev Aggarwal, Senior Analyst Small and Medium Business Strategies, Yankee Group.

Mr Collins will be in charge of Affinity Internet operations in Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale and will have a focus of establishing corporate direction, product offerings and strategic partnerships.

''Affinity offers a service that no other company has been able to master and has set the bar for this new space. We take foundational web service offerings and bundle them into a seamless, integrated package, allowing our customers to focus on running their businesses. I look forward to leveraging our success to firmly entrench Affinity as the leader in the space,'' said Mr. Collins.

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