Jumpline offers FREE Web Based Shopping Cart

Jumpline Internet Services offers an affordable solution for webmasters to integrate E-commerce into their website. Until now most shopping carts on the market are either too expensive or extremely complicated for the average webmaster to implement. Jumpline seems to have eliminated both of these variables. The shopping cart is free with the purchase of Jumpline's Plus Plan, which costs only $24.95 per month.

"I have tried using several so called turn-key carts in the past. I guarantee that Jumpline's cart is the easiest to use on the market. I built an entire 70 product catalog in a couple of hours," says Jumpline customer Charlie Anderson. "The timing is perfect for a product like this. Everyone wants to sell something online. Our cart allows Internet entrepreneurs the ability to showcase all of their products and services on the web. Best of all, skeptical customers have nothing to loose because of Jumpline'Os no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee," says Jumpline's Vice President Marc Hardgrove.

Key features of the shopping cart include: unlimited product categories and sub-categories, unlimited product fields, automated shipping and handling charges, automated tax table, built in credit card validation, product search, secure ordering processing and online documentation. You are able to customize the look and feel of the whole shopping cart to meet your individual needs. Click here http://www.jumpline.com/shopcart.htm for more details and to view a sample of this amazing cart

"One of the most exciting concepts of E-commerce is that your website can take orders while you are sleeping. I look forward to getting up everyday to see how many orders I received while I was asleep," says Jumpline shopping cart user Shawn Kessler.

Jumpline will continue to keep its competitors on their toes by introducing similar web based products in the future. Recent plans include a web based control panel that will give Jumpline customers more control of their hosting account. The release of the control panel is expected later this year.

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