Jumpline.com Affiliate Program Gets 10,000,000th Impression

Columbus, OH (April 2001) – Jumpline.com, a leader in the web hosting industry, celebrated a milestone this week as their affiliate program generated its 10,000,000th impression. The Jumpline.com Affiliate Program, established in November of 2000, has performed above and beyond the company’s expectations.

Jumpline.com’s Director of Advertising, Derek Hopper, attributes the program’s success to a number of factors, including a “high customer referral rate”, “generous commissions”, and a “solid reputation in the web hosting industry.”

“Referrals have always been our primary source of new customers, and the Affiliate Program was designed to reward our current customers for recommending our web hosting services.” Hopper said. “The program’s success is a testament to the confidence our customers have in our services.”

Generous commissions also contribute heavily to the success of the Jumpline.com Affiliate Program. Jumpline.com offers its members $30 for each sale that comes through their site, one of the highest payout rates among web hosting affiliate programs. But, as Hopper explained, the success of an affiliate program depends less on the commission rate and more on the ratio of commission to sale price.

“Our web hosting packages start at $14.95/mo, making them an easy sell. But, our commission rates reflect a much higher priced service.” Hopper said. “This means that our affiliates are making more sales and getting paid more commission for each one.”

Jumpline.com’s reputation also plays a roll in the number of sales and impressions generated by the members of their affiliate program. The company was established in 1997, making them a grandfather in the web hosting industry and providing them with a reputation for stability, consistency, and reliability.

“Our affiliates are confident that when they refer customers to us, they are recommending a company that adheres to the highest levels of customer service and fulfillment. The fact that we have been in the industry longer than most web hosting companies shows that Jumpline.com will be there to continue servicing their customers far into the future.”

For more information about Jumpline.com or to sign up for the Jumpline.com Affiliate Program, log onto: http://jumpline.com.

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