Jumpline.com Immune to the ".com" Syndrome?

Columbus, OH - In April 1997, Jumpline.com, an Ohio-based web hosting
company opened its doors for business along with thousands of other Internet Service Providers.
But, while many of the companies have turned from ".COM" to ".DOA", Jumpline.com is still
going strong.

So, why has Jumpline.com enjoyed continued success, while the rest of the industry struggles
with declining profits? Director of Operations, Jason Beyke, attributes the company's success to
its strong foundation.

"Many Internet companies fail because they put their energies towards expansion and end up
getting too big, too fast. From day one, we made a conscious decision to focus on stability rather
than unorganized growth."

This philosophy has served them well. Although their client base has more than doubled every
year since their establishment, forethought and careful planning have prepared them for the

So, rather than scrambling to support demand, Jumpline.com is putting their efforts towards
improving their services. They have been creating partnerships and adding to their powerful suite
of site maintenance tools, and their customers respond with loyalty and referrals.

"Many of our customers have been with us for years, and some individuals have referred
hundreds of others. They have told us that they like knowing that we will be there for them
tomorrow." Beyke stated.

Jumpline.com executives are hopeful that their "sure and steady" attitude will continue to serve
them well in the years to come. In the meantime, Beyke explained. "We will build on the
foundation that everyone here has worked so hard to create."

For more information about why Jumpline.com is considered on of the leaders in the web hosting
industry, email: sales@jumpline.com or visit: www.jumpline.com

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