Jumpline.com Moves Network Operations Center

Jumpline.com, a leading web hosting provider, has announced that at the end of July 2001, they will be moving their Network Operations Center (NOC) from Baltimore, Maryland to the Qwest CyberCenter in Columbus, Ohio. The bold move marks the first step in an ambitious restructuring process, which will insure Jumpline.com’s top ranking among web hosting companies for years to come.

With the completion of the new NOC, Jumpline.com will be expanding their services to include dedicated and virtual dedicated hosting, on Dell’s award-winning line of PowerApp servers. By the fall of 2001, Jumpline.com will release the Host4Host Solution, a hosting automation platform that will surpass anything currently on the market.

“Our partnership with Qwest Communications was significant in the development of our new hosting model,” explained Jumpline.com Director of Operations, Jason Beyke. “The security and scalability of our new NOC will provide us with a reliable foundation for our services and platform, while giving us the flexibility to expand.”

The state-of-the-art network boasts OC-192 capacity, the fastest connection currently available on the market. Jumpline.com’s current and future customers will benefit from four OC-48’s, providing the data transfer of an OC-192 with four levels of redundancy.

To insure that Jumpline.com’s servers maintain the highest up-time, the NOC is staffed around-the-clock with technical experts who manage and support the servers, equipment, and network.

The maximum-security environment has 24/7 on-site security guards, indoor/outdoor security monitoring, and badge/picture ID/biometric access screening to protect sensitive data and valuable equipment.

“Security, reliability, and bandwidth were the most important features that we looked for while evaluating potential data centers,” Beyke explained. “We had to be certain that our customers had the most stable hosting environment before moving the NOC.”

“Jumpline.com’s future is certain with Qwest,” Beyke continued. “The new NOC will provide us with a secure, reliable, and scalable network environment, enabling us to remain focused on developing our hosting services.”

About Jumpline.com

Jumpline.com is a leading provider of web hosting to over 29,000 domains in 50 states and 94 countries. By the fall of 2001, their services will expand beyond shared hosting to include managed, unmanaged, and virtual dedicated hosting. The fall release of their hosting automation platform, the Host4Host Solution, will provide current and future web hosting companies with the hardware, software, support, and bandwidth necessary to maintain a successful business. For more information about Jumpline.com, please visit www.jumpline.com.

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