Kinsta Launches New Application Hosting and Database Hosting Services

November 3, 2022
Kinsta Launches New Application Hosting and Database Hosting Services
Kinsta, a hosting provider that offers managed WordPress hosting powered by Google Cloud Platform and trusted by 55,000+ users and 100,000 live customer projects, has just launched Application Hosting and Database Hosting. The addition of these two services to its Managed WordPress product ushers in a new era for Kinsta as a Cloud Platform, enabling developers and businesses to run powerful applications, websites, databases, and services with more flexibility than ever.

With their new platform as a service model, Kinsta customers can run their applications with the most popular programming languages and frameworks, including Node.js, PHP, Python, Go, Ruby, Java, and Scala by setting up a container image automatically or use their own custom Dockerfiles to run almost any app. They can also connect with GitHub and automate deployments from source code to the Kinsta infrastructure.

Under their new database hosting offering, Kinsta customers can easily create databases with MariaDB, Redis, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, and set up internal connections with their applications in the same cluster for premium performance and security. They will be able to seamlessly create a robust ecosystem of apps and databases.

Both new services will rely on Kinsta's world-class infrastructure, which allows developers to get projects up and running in minutes while cutting down on unnecessary features, and delivers top-tier performance backed by Google Kubernetes Engine. Pricing is usage-based, allowing developers to get projects up and running for as little as $0.027/hour.

With the addition of these services and Kinsta's custom MyKinsta control panel, developers and teams will be able to simplify administration. Rather than spending time and money configuring servers and containers, users can let Kinsta handle the heavy lifting, including deployments and security.

Mark Gavalda, the CEO of Kinsta, stated, "We're building a platform where developers can find everything they need to run a web service with ease, so they can focus on creating and sharing their best work with the world."

"The launch of Kinsta's Application Hosting and Database Hosting opens the doors to so many creative possibilities!" added Jenna Recktenwald, DevOps Team Lead. "I'm eager to see what our clients create with it and how they drive our platform development further. And we get the privilege of building the infrastructure on the latest and best hardware and technology stacks."

"I hope our customers will enjoy our new services as much as we enjoyed building them," said Kristof Dombi, Head of Development Operations. "They unlock a new chapter in Kinsta's future which we couldn't be more excited about! The build environment of our new Application Hosting supports Dockerfile-based cloud-native applications. It'll enable you to build & host almost anything with us in a fast, reliable, and secure way."

New customers will receive $20 off their first month of Application Hosting and Database Hosting services, available here.

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