Latin Reseller Sistemas Del Registro Selected by VeriSign as Registrar

April 6, 2005
April 6, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting provider Sistemas Del Registro (SdR), via their Reseller web sites (Spanish language) and (Portuguese language), has been selected by VeriSign as one of their Registrar partners in a marketing project aimed at increasing the awareness of businesses and individuals in South America of the benefits of owning and using gTLDs (.com and .net).
SdR provides a Reseller interface for local ISP's, webhosting companies, telecommunications companies, and other organizations and individuals providing Internet or computer based services to their customers. Their management has been in the domain sales and Internet business for over 12 years.

SdR will be providing direct sales leads from this marketing campaign directly to their existing Resellers.

"Now is a unique time to become involved with our Reseller program," said Jose Felix, SdR Director of Marketing for Central and South America. "We are focused on providing our quality service and support to local companies in Central and South America and helping promote their business to their local customers without the huge start up cost normally associated with domain sales. The advertising and marketing that the big players are now putting into the area will greatly benefit the individuals and organizations that sign up for our Reseller program today."

VeriSign, the International Registry for .com and .net names, announced at the ICANN meeting in Argentina that they will be partnering with Registrars to heavily promote select partner Registrars and the benefits of .com and .net throughout South America.

"Though our main focus is Brazil for this initial marketing plan, we expect a lot of exposure throughout South America from this," said Jessica Clarkson, Senior Marketing Manager for VeriSign, in a recent phone conference.

"We are really excited about how this marketing will provide more business to our Resellers," said Cindy Maria, SdR Customer Service Representative. "There will be extensive marketing and education to the public about how to buy and successfully utilize a domain name. Traffic to the sites advertised will be sent directly to us and in turn sent directly to our Resellers. As far as the person buying is concerned, the local Reseller is the one doing the advertising and providing the service. Even the smallest Reseller will benefit from this large Marketing budget."

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