Live .CO Domain Registrations are Now Being Accepted By Web Hosting Provider

July 21, 2010
July 21, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Leading domain registrar,, is now taking live registrations for the new .CO domain name. In what is billed as the most important new domain launch of the past 25 years, the .CO domain is now available to register by the general public.

Prior to 7pm BST yesterday (20 July 2010), individuals and businesses could only pre-order their desired .CO domains in advance of the official launch. Domain speculators can now perform live searches on to identify what domains are available to register immediately.

Mark Boost, Managing Director,, said: “The ..CO has the potential to become the biggest global domain since the 1985 launch of .com. Through the huge volume of ..CO domain pre-orders we took over the past three months we are very confident that .CO will outsell all other extensions which have been released in the past decade.

“The early adopters of the .CO will benefit the most from this launch. The value of registering popular domains should not be underestimated; for example, and sold for £3.3M and £560K respectively. The flexibility of .CO offers a national and global appeal due to its similarity to both the .com and extensions.” is the only registrar participating in the .CO launch to offer a free web hosting (valued at £50/$76) to all customers who successfully register a .CO domain before midnight tonight. This decision has been made by the company to take any additional cost or trouble out of developing a full website on the new .CO domain.

About has been providing competitively priced domain registration since 2000 and has participated during all of the launch phases of the .tel, .eu, and .me domain extensions on the behalf of its customers over the past 5 years.

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