LiveCast Launches UK’s First Internet Radio Licensing & Hosting Service

August 2, 2005
August 2, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - LiveCast UK Ltd, the UK’s answer to Live365, SWCast Network, Loudcity and other internet licensing and hosting firms in the United States, has launched after reaching agreement with PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited), and making significant progress with the MCPS/PRS Alliance. LiveCast UK Ltd is the first service in the country to offer royalty payments, and hosting for internet broadcasting.

LiveCast UK Ltd offers hosting packages that rival any other stream host in the UK and the US, but with the advantage of including royalty payments on top. Anybody with a broadband connection and a desktop computer, for as little as £50 a month, can run a fully legal internet radio station, playing any music that they like. Kevin Coy is the Managing Director of LiveCast UK, and has significant experience in the field, and he is joined by Steve Woods, Operations Director who holds vast knowledge in internet networking, server management, and commercial radio production.

Alongside the services described above, LiveCast UK Ltd also operates a fully functional newsroom, providing breaking news alerts, and rolling coverage of major news events to its clients. In addition to that, LiveCast UK Ltd offers software packages for broadcasting, and syndicated programming such as;

Saturday Goal Zone:- A fast paced live programme every Saturday from 14:00 until 18:00 bringing sports news, scores and analysis in real time.

The TOP 40 Chart:- An in-house chart show, counting down the top hits of the current time, for an internet-only audience.

In The Mix With Chris De Cool:- A live broadcast from a nightclub every Friday night, and into Saturday morning, covering five hours of live music entertainment.

This is a very exciting time for the future of broadcasting on the internet, and we feel that LiveCast UK Ltd is defining the shape of a new media platform. We fully expect to have licensed as many as 600 individual broadcasters by August of 2006.

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