LIVECHAT Software S.A. Joins’s Value Added Service to Support Members

January 18, 2008
January 18, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – LIVECHAT Software S.A. ( has joined’s Value Added Service, it was announced today. The company offers a range of communication software based on the use of instant messaging protocols. Its products have been used to maximize customer satisfaction and reduce customer service costs around the world since it was established in 2002. The company is offering HostSearch Support Members 30% reseller discount to resell or purchase products for their own use. is the Internet’s largest source of searchable information related to web hosts and their products and services. Its members - known as ‘Support Members’ - are all web hosting providers. has partnered with key web hosting industry vendors/suppliers who have agreed to offer their products and services to Support Members at discount rates, or with additional benefits. LIVECHAT Software S.A. is the latest addition to’s service.

“LIVECHAT products are ideal for web hosts,” suggests Web Editor, Mr. John Hughes. “I downloaded a couple of their products on a trial basis - they are both elegant and functional. In this day and age, it is folly for a web host not to have live chat communication with customers. It is a de facto standard for any website where products are sold, and even if it can’t be manned absolutely 24/7, not having such communication options detracts from the perceived quality of a website, and ultimately that of its owner. LIVECHAT are offering a generous option - our members can benefit by reselling their products, or just keep the discount for themselves.”

LIVECHAT Software S.A. is the latest vendor to offer HostSearch Support Members a discount or benefit for their products and services. Alongside LIVECHAT’s offering, Ping! Zine is offering free magazines to support members in the US, Roaring Penguin is offering 10% discount on its range of software, WhosOn is offering 10% discount on its all-in-one live web statistics, live visitor chat, proactive visitor engaging, prospect detection, web analytics, and click fraud detection solution, and SupportPRO offers a 5% discount on its ticket support solution. In addition, Hypoint offers a free business evaluation and 10% off its standard commission rate for those engaging its services, and HELM (now part of SWsoft) is offering a massive 40% discount on its showcase Helm 4 control panel software. Pressadvance are also offering free post-release distribution reports to members using their press release services, and Omnistar Etools is offering its web based email marketing solutions, helpdesk crm software, ecommerce, and knowledgebase software at a 10% discount.

If you are a web host and you would like to learn more about’s Valued Added Service, visit If you would like to become a Support Member, visit (please note that the $25 fee required at sign up can be used against’s advertising options). To find out more about’s advertising options visit If you feel you have products and services that could benefit’s Support Members, contact the following email address: editor at

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